Invest in your biggest asset... Yourself!

Many things can go wrong when chasing success in Forex, but by investing in yourself and your understanding of the market - you are making yourself independent and skilled, you are going to trade with confidence, all which is important for consistently profitable trading over a long period of time!


There are many strategies to trade the forex market, not every one may fit your style or even are profitable. Find a strategy that you like, go search the web, look at YouTube, find one that looks like something you can do.


Just because the strategy looks profitable when you first saw it - on YouTube, a website or anywhere, doesn't mean that it is for you, how can you know?... You need to test it - Using the Trendline Genius EA you get all the numbers needed to decide if this is a strategy you want to use.


Now, practice this strategy until you almost can do it blindfolded. By doing this you will hit a point that you can execute this with confidence, that it is directly transferable to live market and making sure you are as ready as you may get to take the next step!


This is where you get the answers if your practice have paid off. And what is great is that if you have practiced using the Trendline Genius EA you will look at the live market the exact same way as if you where running your tester forward. You will recognize it. Remember to start on a Demo.

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