Risk Reward Tool

A must have for your Strategy

One of the most important things you can do when testing a strategy is to ensure good money management. By using a good risk reward on your trades you can get an okay strategy to become a very good one. Imagine a strategy that has a profit ratio of 50%, ie that you end half of the trades in profit. With a Risk Reward of 1: 1 you will go breakeven. But if you had the same 50% win with Risk Reward of 1: 2 then you would have made money. Therefore, it is always important to not only have a good win loss ratio, but also a good risk reward per trade in your strategy.

The Risk Reward Tool makes it much easier to set the Risk Reward ratio as it calculates it automatically, just click and drag it into place, drag takeprofit and stoploss to where you want it and see the result. A must have tool to find your next profitable strategy.

Risk Reward Tool with TrendlineGenius EA

The Risk Reward Tool is specially designed to work with TerndlineGenius_EA as well. By using TrendlineGenius_EA and Risk Revard together, you have a very powerful tool on the way to finding your new winning strategy. Risk Reward Tool sets take profit and stop loss that TrendlineGenius respects and you will be much easier to see your results.

You can use this setup in a live market as well, so by practicing the strategy tester, and then doing the same live, it will increase your chances of success as you work in exactly the same environment that you know from practice.