Use the position size calculator to find the
size of your investment based on how many
% you want to risk per trade.

Risk Reward

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The Technical Summary Widget gives you a quick view of the direction for some pairs based on indicators and moving averages. Remember to set the timeframe you want.

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Economic Calendar

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The Sentiment is really just the overall mood of the market. You will see here the positions traders are in – Buy and Sell – One strategy used with sentiment is that we know that most retail traders are wrong, this is why when sentiment shows (for example) a big % of traders are buying, you mighth want to look for sell signals. Like much in trading it’s not right all the time, but actually very often.

Trader Sentiment

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The Currency Strength Index allows you to set the desired base date, and indicate the period of time that will be displayed on the chart by choosing the start date, which is the date of the first shown value, and the number of days to follow it. By doing this you will get a great view of the strength and strength trend of the desired currency. If one line is going up and another is going down, there are a good chance there are movement on that pair.

Currency Strength Index

Forex Heatmap

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