Here is a video using Trendline Genius EA on full auto, forex backtesting with Renko bars.

If you are familiar with the Trendline Genius EA, then you know that it is a fantastic tool, for practicing and testing manual strategies with MT4’s strategy tester. But here you will also see that it is capable of much more than that. In this test, Renko charts have been used. If you do not know Renkos, then it is a type of chart that works regardless of time. Where traditional candlestick charts can be set on the number of minutes or hours you want to go by before a new candle are drawn, then with Renko, you choose how many pips you wants the price to move before a new candle is drawn, so if the price does not move, then there will be no more candles. Renko is calculated from 1 minute traditional chart, and transferred to an offline chart.

Offline charts are difficult to backtest, but it can be done with a program. In this test the Trendline Genius EA trade off a trendline indicator that is applied to the chart. Remember, there are no guaranties that you will achieve the same result as in this test. There are variations in spread, slippage and latency that will even make you loose money in some cases. The enviroment in real market are dynamic, as the enviroment in the tester is static, pips and slippage are predetermined and there are no latency.

Good Luck, and Trade Safe!

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